We asked some Fenn boys about life at an all-boys school. These are their responses. 

Fenn challenges, nurtures, and affirms boys as they do the hard work of growing into well-educated, responsible, and self-confident young men. We engage boys on their own terms, and our program speaks to boys who are at this stage in their lives.

Educating Boys

At Fenn, we know that educating boys brings its own set of opportunities. We harness boys' energy in the classroom, directing it towards engaging, hands-on, and frequently collaborative lessons and projects. Our experienced and responsive faculty give all boys the chance to develop socially and emotionally, guiding them into becoming well-rounded young men in a brotherhood of shared experiences. 

Our program is designed to serve the specific needs of boys during the most critical years of their academic and personal development – grades four through nine. This is a period when, as a growing body of research suggests, earlier maturation can give girls an advantage in the classroom, leaving many boys less confident in their ability and undermining the joy of school.

At Fenn, everything we do is tailored to the nature and learning styles of boys. Students are met exactly where they are - cognitively, emotionally, and physically. The school day offers ample opportunities to release their expansive energy, and when gender-based social pressures are eliminated, boys feel safe to throw themselves passionately into challenging academics, explore the arts, be kind and compassionate to one another, and value and respect the community.

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