Frequently asked questions

+ Where do Fenn students come from?

Many parents ask about the odds of admission if their son is not a sibling, legacy, or from another independent. In fact, between two-thirds and three-fourths of admitted boys have no prior connection to Fenn. Our students come from many different schools and hail from over 40 cities and towns in the Boston metropolitan area. Fenn also currently represents over 20% students of color.

+ Where is Fenn located, and how do students typically travel to school?

Fenn is located close to Boston, in historic Concord, Massachusetts, near Routes 2 and 128. We also offer a round-trip transportation program for over 12 nearby communities. Fenn students from Concord are able to use the public school buses for transportation to and from school on most days.

+ When should we apply?

Fenn's admissions season runs from mid-September to mid-January. Our application deadline is January 15, and decisions are shared with families on March 10.

While applications are welcome throughout the September-January time period, there are advantages to starting your application process earlier in the season, including better weather for touring campus, and more availability for appointments.

+ What do you look for in a candidate?

At Fenn we strive to educate the "whole boy," and therefore we consider "the whole boy," in making admissions decisions. We are not looking for particular test scores. Instead, we ask whether a candidate has the intellectual potential, academic readiness, social skills, and drive to succeed at Fenn. We take into account all aspects of a boys admissions materials in making our decisions. No one piece of information, or moment in time, makes or breaks a boy's prospects for admission.

+ What is the first step in applying?

Your first step in applying to Fenn is to contact the Admissions Office and schedule a tour of campus with your son. Tours usually last about one hour, and offer applicants a chance to visit classrooms while in session, meet faculty and students, and gain an understanding of daily life at Fenn.

+ What happens during the admissions interview?

The purpose of the interview is to allow for us to get to know your son a bitter. We begin by asking him questions about his current school, and the activities he enjoys. The interview also includes an untimed writing sample on a topic we feel your son will enjoy. We make every effort to make the interview a pleasant and low-key experience.

+ Do parents have the opportunity to talk about their son with the Admissions team?

Yes. We do not have a formal parent interview, but we always welcome conversation, comments, and questions. While this can occur formally or informally at any point during the admission process, we work to sit and discuss educational goals and answer your questions while your son is interviewing. Please also feel free to call or email anytime throughout the year.

+ What is the Intensive Literacy Program?

The Intensive Literacy Program (ILP) strengthens language learning skills for students with demonstrated intellectual potential and challenging learning style differences. The program is carefully designed to support boys with a specific learning style profile, and only eight boys are selected from a large pool of applicants each year to be part of the ILP classroom for Language Arts in grade 4, where they continue through grade 5 until joining their peers for English and Social Studies classes in grade 6. ILP's small classes and specialized teaching methods appeal to many parents of many boys, and we would welcome discussing this opportunity with you.

+ Does Fenn have a dress code?

Yes. While Fenn does not have a uniform, we do have a dress code, as we believe that appropriate attire sets the tone for seriousness of purpose and respect for the school community. All students wear shirts with collars, tucked in at the belt, and khaki-material pants or shorts. In the winter, boys are allowed to wear hooded sweatshirts, keeping the hoods down inside school buildings. Hats and outdoor jackets must be removed indoors.