Teaching Leadership

Fenn is an independent boys’ school grades 4 through 9, but we are also a community that teaches boys that there is more to school than quizzes and tests. Boys leave Fenn knowing who they are, ready to take on the challenges that they will face with knowledge that they have been prepared not just deeply, but broadly. We develop leadership skills in our boys that serve them well in high school and beyond. 

Of all the feedback that we get from the parents of our alumni reflecting on their Fenn experience, the theme that comes back most consistently is how often Fenn graduates go on to be president of their high school class or captain of their varsity sports team - and how Fenn prepared them to step into those roles.

Building leaders does not happen by accident. Throughout each boy's time at Fenn, he is challenged to live up to our four core values of Empathy, Courage, Respect and Honesty. We ask a lot of our students academically, athletically, artistically and socially, and by the time they are ready to move on from Fenn they have been shaped by the standards that generations of Fenn boys have set. 

I think Fenn is one of the best things in the world – it is the school that truly allows boys to become Good Men – good men of courage, heart and able to do the right thing. Men who know that expressing themselves in art and music are as vital to their sense of well-being as expressing themselves in sports and in math and science. Fenn makes the boys feel heard and welcomed.
— Fenn Parent

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