Watch and listen as Fenn coaches, teachers, and alumni reflect on the value of the athletic experience at Fenn

Athletics at Fenn teaches boys life skills. Boys learn about themselves, how to work hard, and how to strive for the good of the whole team.
— Bob Starensier, Athletic Director

Athletics at Fenn

We see our athletic fields as an extension of our classrooms. The lessons learned from teamwork, consistent practice, victory and even defeat help develop the strength of character that define a Fenn graduate. 

All boys at Fenn play sports and, by grades eight and nine, all students compete on interscholastic teams. Teams are small enough to ensure that all boys are active players, and three levels of competition accommodate players at all skill levels. 

We put more emphasis on fair play, honest effort and sportsmanship than wins and losses, because we believe this philosophy develops better players and better boys. We are proud of how many of our graduates go on to captain sports teams in high school. We believe that their success comes not only from their athletic ability, but also their ability to lead. 

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